The results of the first UNFCCC Global Stocktake of climate mitigation policies is devastating. This core graph shows the profound failure of existing policy trajectories. We need much bolder policies, including demand reductions in rich countries.

14,000,092 accounts
+127 in the last hour
+3,687 in the last day
+27,613 in the last week

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Re "This history illuminates possibilities for escaping underdevelopment within the imperialist world economy. But it also comes with warnings... ...T...

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Re Also, if you actually read ecological economics you will absolutely know that the field has moved beyond Herman Daly, and many of his positions are...

Great take on #Threads by @brittlestar 🙂

"Threads is…
A really nice AirBnb that might have a camera in the bathroom but you’re just glad to be somewhere nice."

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Re You cannot try your damnedest to create structural dependencies on your products based on a century and more of state capture and cultural brainwas...

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RT Kate Raworth: Out today: this @guardian article on putting Doughnut Economics into action. It's not easy to be written about publicly - many thanks...

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RT Mike Hudema: Due to hundreds of uncontrolled wildfires across Canada, New York City looks like a post-apocalyptic hellscape. If you want a prelude ...

"Let's not forget one thing: A large part of the money that is in our accounts came precisely from centuries of exploitation of Africa."

—Jacques Chirac, former president of France

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Re @CrisisReports Hi Rachel, I know I can't help with individual outlets etc, but this paper we recently published might be relevant.

After talking about it with my Patreon supporters, and here on Mastodon, I decided to stop publishing to Odysee. I wrote a short blog post about the reasons, and the options people have to keep watching outside of YouTube if they want to:

It's not a decision everyone will agree with, but it's the one I'm comfortable with.

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Calls for green transition, decent work and care-focused economies too often ignore imperialist dynamics that exploit the ecologies, work and care of ...

Degrowth, post-growth, and the urgent necessity to replace capitalism with a wellbeing economy. My presentation in the GITA Master Series.

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'The Barcelona school of Ecological Economics and Political Ecology', a wonderful collection in tribute to Joan Martinez-Alier, bringing together all ...

In the midst of the climate crisis, the car industry sells more and more SUVs, in particular in the US.

With devastating consequences for people and planet

It's time to ban SUVs for non-essential purposes.

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ah, thanks so much for this! I just found out (at FOSDEM nonetheless) about caprover, but I like Gardens better.

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